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September 2023 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Preschool Senec

Tigers and Lions Class

This month we emphasized the importance of healthy eating when caring for our bodies. There’s something wonderfully wholesome about made-from-scratch pancakes, sweetened with fresh fruits which provide a beautiful colour and boundless room for imagination as our Tiger class used scrumptious fruit to make funny pancake faces.

The Lion class in turn made fresh apple juice, which is a fun activity for all ages and proved to be a great hands-on activity. Turning the world’s second favourite fruit into a delicious thirst-quenching juice was a great, interactive way to show children how solids can become liquids, and how naturally sweet, delicious and good fruits are for us.

These activities were chosen to encourage healthy habits as well self-reflection on what is good and bad for our bodies, through getting children personally involved in creating their own food and drink.

Bunnies Class

Big Apple Tasting in Bunny Class!

An act as simple as tasting an apple can be a huge learning experience for a young child.

These activities encourage active exploration by using the senses, practicing

motor skills, expressing emotion, stating individual thoughts/preferences, following directions,

encouraging curiosity, developing math skills, and making predictions.

Winners of the apple test in Bunny class are:

Gala and Golden Delicious Apples

Ms. Michelle's Kindergarten Class

It can be a challenge to teach young children healthy eating habits, but with fun games to play, engaging songs to sing, and other preschool age nutrition activities, young children can easily learn about the foods that help their bodies grow. As part of our "All About Me" unit, the Kindergarten Class tapped into the fun world of healthy & tasty snacks. We learned how to make some delicious fruit skewers using apples from our own garden. This was great lesson to show our young learners, that healthy can also be easy, fun and tasty.

Benjamin Preschool Pezinok

Ms. Jojka's Class

This month we spoke about the the theme Me and My Fiends. One of the activities that the children liked the most was Thumb Print Cookies. For this activity we only needed dough, flour, children hands and fingers. First we rolled the dough into a ball, than pressed a ball between hands and then pressed thumbs print into the cooky. Children had a lot of fun with this activity and they liked holding the dough in their hands.

Ms. Dani's Class

Audrey Hepburn said:

“To plant a garden is to believe in the future.”

And with that belief in mind, we Let a love of gardening become a part of our children’s growth in the natural world.

Spending time in the garden offers opportunities to develop all kinds of skills. The benefits of gardening in early childhood are physical, emotional, spatial, mathematical, sensory awareness, character development, creative ideas, and just a love and appreciation of nature.

Ms. Suzy's Kindergarten Class

Having our own veggies/fruits and the preference of buying local foods is a priority at our preschool. So we can still collect our own strawberries or tomatoes we planted in spring, or bring from the garden with no pesticided used. Children got the chance of trying to make an apple smoothies from Slovak apples. It was yummy, refreshing and healthy at once!


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