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May 2023 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Preschool Senec

Owl Class

Activity: Role-Play

Helpfulness is an important part of good social development, and there are many excellent ways for children to practice being helpful. We introduced kids to the many grown-ups who work to make life better for others. Community Helpers are everywhere! Throughout our communities — at home, at school, at the library or the store — we meet hard-working men and women who make our lives easier every day.

Though the Owl Class did numerous fun activities per our theme, sometimes the simplest activities foster the most learning. During the month of May students did numerous guided role-play activities; as a means of guidance from clearly developed objectives and instructions, role plays helped students gain knowledge and skills from a variety of learning situations by providing students with the opportunity to take part in activities which mirror career-related scenarios such as police work, firefighting etc. It allowed students to explore realistic situations by interacting with other people in a managed way in order to develop experience and trial different strategies in a supported environment.

Disney Magic Class

Children's creative work and art are very close to each other, they are creative and playful. Both in art and in children's work, it is a certain way of playing, where each has its own rules.

Rudolf Fila aptly characterized it in his own words:

"Already in children's games we can find the seeds of creative solutions. Every game also contains elements of choice, and this also has art in it. It can therefore be declared to a certain extent as an "adult game", preserving the charm of childhood. Most artists draw inspiration from their youth, and childhood experiences are often the decisive source of inspiration for their work."

The inspiration for the creative activities was the book It will remain in the family (children's input into the work of their parents - artists and vice versa).

The parents drew the children 5 arbitrary lines, and the children completed the drawing after a guided conversation about what they like to do together, what experiences unite them. It was interesting to see how they approach the finishing of pictures. In almost all the pictures, the children drew a common activity, a thing that unites them. They tried to express their relationship with their parents. After the activity they enjoyed describing their art.

Kindergarten Class

Children learn from movement and physical activity, given that movement is important for a young child's healthy brain development. A child's early experiences of movement and physical activity can help them develop the skills, attitudes and confidence to be active throughout their life.

We're incredibly fortunate that the town of Senec values the importance of sport in children's education & organizes annual Olympic games for preschools & schools around Senec. In the month of May the Kindergarten class dedicated plenty of time to preparing for these games. The children mastered new skills such as relay racing, jumping hurdles, javelin throwing and lots more.

Ultimately, we see physical excellence as a keystone of a child’s development. By nurturing coordination, strength, endurance, and fitness skills, we strive to build each child’s confidence to succeed physically, mentally, and professionally in the long term, creating a culture where physical excellence partners with academic excellence.

Benjamin Preschool Pezinok

Ms. Jojka's Class

For this lesson on washing hands I filled some latex gloves with water and I added some ‘germs’ with washable marker. When I added the germs I talked to kids about how hands get full of germs during a day and in a playful manner reminding them how important it is to wash hands before eating, because otherwise we might get sick and have to see a doctor.

And then the fun! In the classroom I prepared tray with latex glove full water, sponge, soap and let kids get to washing those germs right away.

Ms. Dani's Class


Homemade Strawberry Popsicles are an easy way to make frozen treats made with fresh fruit.

These strawberry popsicles are pretty simple and the best you've ever had. You will need fresh strawberries, lemon juice (to make the berries taste even better), sugar, and water.

All you need is a blender and popsicle molds. Oh and a freezer.

Ms. Suzy's Kindergarten Class

We love to keep our bodies busy! It not only makes us stronger, healthier but also strengthens our friendships especially during movement games, such as “Duck, duck, goose”, “Shark game”, “Husky, husky, podte domov” or “Mr. Clock what’s the time?”. Children love to play chasing games as well as to jump with jumping ropes, exercise with fitness balls or do summersaults. In healthy body - healthy soul!


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