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November 2023 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Preschool Senec

Tiger and Lion Class

In November we celebrated cultural diversity in early education for young children by involving children from different cultures to mix and mingle with one another in the same centre, as well as teach children more about other cultures, differences and acceptance of those differences. It,however, takes a village, and we are happy to report our Benjamin parents are up to the  task.

This month we opened our classroom to parents to share countries and cultures dear to them. Mrs.Plochanova gave a riveting introduction on Spain and all its rich beauty and culture. Mrs Jung and Mrs. Kim also stopped by to teach us about their beautiful homeland Korea. They did not come empty handed though, and brought us delicious traditional Korean food. This type of multicultural education and activities helps children understand their place in the world and build empathy and tolerance for others' beliefs and traditions.

Bunny Class

What is the best way to learn about different nations in preschool? How to make sure, children will take an active part in the activities and remember the most? Oh yes, to try to become one of them. So when we talked about China, we became Chinese for one morning. We learnt how to say hello - Ni - hao,and discovered what their writing looks like.

We learnt how rice grows, cooked it, made special hats, and also tried eating with chopsticks. In a learning-by-doing environment children are encouraged to ask questions and explore while developing creativity and curiosity. This empowers children to take initiative, make decisions, and be problem solvers.

Kindergarten Class

The Kindergarten Class dedicated the month of November to exploring the fascinating unit:  Multicultural Education. We spent time talking and learning about different continents, countries & cultures.  One of our Kindergarten Class parents Mr. Hrbek generously paid us a special visit, to speak to us about The Kingdom of Bahrain where he lived for a number of years.

 We learned about the language, climate, clothing,  plants & animals that are native to that environment, and so much more. The children had the opportunity to also try on some of the traditional clothing, and taste some delicious dates, which are a typical delicacy in Bahrain. We strongly believe that talking openly and positively about diversity and inclusion empowers children to engage their world with curiosity, confidence and kindness. 

Benjamin Preschool Pezinok

Ms. Jojka's Class

This month we focused on the topic of multicultural education. The most popular activity this month was creating a 3D map of the continents. We only needed cotton wool, water and seeds for this world map. This 3D map needs time in order for the cress to grow, but once it has, your map will have a living, breathing quality all of its own. The children were really excited that they could observe the growth of watercress over the course of several days.

Ms. Dani's Class

Traveling round the world took us to the country where tortillas come from….Mexico! Children got the chance to learn about the Mexican flag, traditions and the best part of it all was the chance to eat some homemade tortillas. First we had to find out which ingredients are needed, and all the children were eager to help. Together they prepared a great dough! And even better tortillas :-) 

Ms. Suzy's Kindergarten Class

At Benjamin we know it is best to have all senses involved when learning. When we organized our Christmas Ceramic workshops, we took time to introduce this craft form to children beforehand.  We talked about ceramics, as well as pottery, given that  it plays an important part in our Slovak folk traditions. Afterwards we went on a field trip to a local ceramic shop owned by the ceramist who has led workshops at our preschool on multiple occasions.

At the shop we had the opportunity to see various ceramic products - some for practical everyday use and others for more decorative purposes. When the day of the ceramic workshops finally arrived, we felt like real ceramists, and created our own pieces of art out of clay. It is quite special to work with this material and we can not wait to give our final creations as  gifts to the special people we made them for!


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