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October 2023 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Preschool Senec

Tigers and Lions Class

You might not recognize it from the way we celebrate it now, but Halloween originated as a Celtic festival celebrating the end of the harvest season. Seeing as pumpkins are harvested these months of the year, the Tiger and Lion class decided to explore pumpkins, how they grow and their versatile uses. We started off by learning the parts of a pumpkin, from the stem to the pulp and its seed. We unleashed our inner artists this spooky season and carved a class jack-o-lantern with the pumpkin’s skin and shell. Furthermore, we used its pulp to make a hearty soup to not only teach children where their food comes from, but to also lay the foundations for health.

Bunnies Class

Fall is full of colors, therefore Bunnies used the Math Mill during their Math lessons not only to recognize colors.

While playing games with the Math Mill they gained body awareness and spatial awareness, they counted and added chestnuts. They have been introduced to the world of geometry and they created a geometrical witchcraft.

With the aid of the Math Mill they also worked on their coordination, balance and fine motor skills. They engaged in visual stimulation, a sense of touch and movement.

Kindergarten Class

During the month of October we learnt about the autumn season , and observed all of the fascinating changes that it’s making to the trees, flowers, and animals in the world around us. This served as the perfect opportunity to introduce children to the concept of change in a much broader sense.

For our weekly Show and Tell lesson, each child was tasked with finding, and bringing to preschool up to three items (photos, toys,clothing etc) in a small bag, to show how they have changed over time, from a baby until now. Afterwards they shared with the rest of the class some interesting facts about each of the items they had chosen to bring, and the reason those items demonstrate a change in them

Benjamin Preschool Pezinok

Ms. Jojka's Class

Children just love experiments. This experiment is very simple and all the ingredients you can find at home. So, you can repeat or try it at home with your children. For the inflating ghost experiment, you will need only a small plastic boodle, a small amount of vinegar (1/4 cup max) and baking soda (1 tbsp max), balloon or plastic glove, where you draw the ghost. You can repeat this activity again and again until you completely run out of vinegar. Hooray for that!

Ms. Dani's Class

Here’s the perfect sensory and fine motor activity that’s just the right amount of creepy and fun!

Children just loved removing all the Spooky Halloween objects and insects from the red and green gelatin.

Each child took a turn removing one of the spooky objects with tongs and placing in the bowl.

Ms. Suzy's Kindergarten Class

Cabbage itself contains lot of vitamins and minerals that are more than good for our body. Sour, fermented, cabbage belongs to our Slovak traditional food, for example Slovak “strapacky” are delicious. Children got to know about cabbage, the process of fermentation, about Stupava and their “zelí” and what you remember the most is by experience, therefore we have prepared our cabbage pushed to the traditional ceramic barrel.


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