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October 2016 in Benjamin Preschools

Trnavska preschool

The kids from the Trnavska preschool spent October learning about families, family members, how every member is important, and how special every family is. We decorated frames for our family photo, made a family puzzle and learned a song about the finger family. We also talked about Fall, carved pumpkins, and prepared for our costume party. It was a day when everyone could dress in a costume and enjoy this special day with his/her friends. Costumes, dances, games, balloons, bubbles, pizza, muffins, popcorn and lots of fun made this day memorable for us.

Senec Preschool

2-4 year old class

The main topic for the month of October was “ Family and Fall ”. We painted and decorated our family trees and filled them with our family members’ names. During our walks outside we observed the weather change, change in nature and talked about the seasons and their specific features. We were busy learning about numbers and used chestnuts to help us count. On the 13th of October, we enjoyed a wonderful, fun filled puppet show about a fisherman and a gold fish. We all loved it very much. But that wasn’t all the fun we had. We had an awesome Costume party at the end of the month too. We were all dressed up in different costumes and danced and ate and had loads of fun. What a fantastic day it was.

4-6 year old class

During the month of October we learned many new things about nature, seasons and harvest, we expanded our English vocabulary with new words and created some lovely art work. We loved the “water cycle” experiment and learned how important water is for our planet. We discussed the seasons of the year, talked about the weather changes and learned a new Fall song “Leaves are falling”. We printed leaves in our art lessons and painted spooky ghosts and pumpkins to decorate our classroom. One of our favorite activities was cutting and sticking, so we made a castle out of shapes we cut out and made a small exhibition of our finished work. Counting and sequencing is becoming easier day by day and we started learning patterns, their sequencing and how to create repetitive patterns by ourselves.

Myslenicka preschool

Preschool class

When it is clear and obvious that Summer is definitely over, when the days get shorter, the air gets colder and nature starts to is time to enjoy Fall! Every year it happens and every year we love it just the same. Nature changing colors, picking up leaves from the ground, acorns, pinecones, chestnuts and then using them for various fall crafts! We also love the time of pumpkins and turning them into funny or scary jack-o-lanterns. We learned new letters and their sounds, flat and solid shapes and we counted and learned about sizes using red and blue sticks, too. And we also really enjoyed the Costume party and Puppet show in October! The show about the goldfish taught us the lesson not to be greedy and to appreciate everything we have. And our costume party allowed us to turn to something or somebody we like and we could be somebody else for a while! We had a class full of star wars warriors, we had policemen, a firefighter, a ghost, a ladybug, a mushroom and many more that day in the preschool class! We are looking forward to another great Fall month!

Kindergarten class

In the month of October in the Kindergarten class we not only had fun learning about Fall and all that comes with it, but we were also hard at work learning our Math facts. Do you know 6 different ways to add up two numbers to make 5? WE DO! We used dominoes to find out different combinations of numbers that make another number. For example, if you have 3, and you want to make 5, how many more do you need? 2, of course! We used buttons, beads, and some fun games to help us come up with different combinations for each number, all the way to 10 AND we had fun doing it!

English Club

Ms. Zuzka’s class is reading a very nice book about Junie B. Jones at story time. It’s about a first grader who got new glasses and she got to pick out her own frames, in purple, just like our student, Sarka! Listening to stories in English not only helps with comprehension, but also children hear how words are pronounced and learn new vocabulary.

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