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Benjamin Picnic 2017

Our Benjamin picnic is always a great event which gives children, parents and teachers a special time to meet outside of the walls of our preschools. It brings students from all of our locations together and it doesn't matter if they are current, former or prospective students. We are very fortunate to have the best people which make this picnic a wonderfully spent time in nature. Thank you for coming and we are very happy that the weather was just great for hiking, having a picnic and for playing outdoor games. Thank you for sharing your food and smiles during this time. Now take a look at the video and pictures below.

Thank you Mr. Volný for this great video that captures the whole picnic atmosphere all the way from the hiking part until the absolute end! :) We appreciate it and we know editing can sometime be a lot of work!

One more gallery by Andy Kasana

"So we were at Zochová Chata and I and Pali had this idea of going into the woods. The next thing you know, we start climbing these massive rocks and we start taking pictures and having fun. We sat down at some of the rocks and just talked about different topics. We had a great time and the rocks reminded me of how my brother likes to climb on trees and rocks."