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Ski Course at Zochova Chata 2018

We are very happy we made it to the ski slopes this year. It is an event where students from all three Benjamin preschools got the chance to meet and spend time together. It was 26 children all together, 12 children from Pezinok Myslenicka, 2 children from Pezinok Trnavska and 12 children from Senec.

Despite the fact it was a very cold week, it was sunny and not windy at the slope and children were constantly moving, so it made nice conditions for skiing and no one complained. Children did a great job learning to ski while showing their patience and dedication to the process.

Each day started with a walk from the parking lot to the ski slope, then children had a snack after which they got their ski boots and other equipment on. Then their trainers picked them up to do a warm up. After the warm-up up instructors divided students into groups and each group had a designated part of the ski slope. Some were skiing on the big slope while other children were skiing on the lower slope.

Enjoy the photo gallery below!

Pezinok preschools

Senec preschool

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