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May 2019 in Benjamin Preschool


Our Little Swimmers

Students from Benjamin Trnavská attend a swimming lesson once a week. It is a great form of exercise for children, that offers many benefits. It is a joy to watch our students' improvement from lesson to lesson, whilst enjoying some fun playtime in the water with their friends.

Here are some fun facts regarding the benefits of swimming for children:

*Health and safety

Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise for the whole body. Children's bodies are constantly changing as they develop and grow, and it is of great importance, that they partake in regular exercise to expend energy - allowing weight control and positive body fat distribution. Swimming also encourages bone and muscle strength, and aids in the development of flexibility and co-ordination.

It is vital, however, that children learn how to respect water as early as possible, as even the most confident of swimmers can run into trouble in the water.

*Self-confidence and life skills

With every new stroke a child masters, their sense of accomplishment and simultaneously their self-esteem receives a positive boost. Additionally, learning how to swim will aid your child in learning to set personal goals, and finding the perseverance to keep trying until they have reached their goal. Swimming is a means of showing your child how much they can achieve with patience, dedication and regular practice.

*Fun and enjoyment

Most children take great pleasure in splashing around in the water.

  • Myslenická

During the month of May, we explored the topic of community helpers and their importance in society. In the course of our discussions surrounding this topic, we stumbled upon yet another interesting subject area– dream jobs and what we would like to do or be when we grow up. Choosing a job or deciding on a career path, is a crucial decision in one’s life. Many children harbor dreams of adventurous jobs in line with their individual likes and hobbies e.g. being a football player, singer, or a pirate. Others would like to save the world eg. being a superhero; the animals eg. being a vet; or possibly saving people eg. being a firefighter, surgeon, doctor, nurse.

There are many jobs that might not appear important to us, but every job, however small, is essential in building a considerate and functional society that works well to care for and serve its citizens. It is good and admirable to have dreams, and to strive towards achieving them, because one day our hard work will pay off.

We are the future of this planet and we want to learn and work, to make it the best place to live in the whole Universe.

  • Senec

The Slovak Olympic Committee announced an art competition centered around a theme of the Olympic values: "uniqueness, friendship, respect". At Benjamin we decided to take part in this competition because along with the children we treasure these values.

We organized educational activities learning around these values and explained to students what they mean to each one of us. After comprehending the topic the children went on to paint their own personal art works. A team of teachers chose 9 art works that we submitted to the competition. The name of the art pieces were as follows:

“Loptové hry, Žlté ruky, Poď sa hrať, Na pláži, Pád, Chyť ma!, Prihrávka, V bránke, Hokejové bully.

Good luck to all participants! :)

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