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September 2022 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Senec

Owl Class

Growing herbs is a wonderful way for children to learn about gardening.

Herbs make terrific first plants for a child. Children love to learn about and explore nature. Students learned that plants need water just like people and animals need water. We explored dry and wet soil. We can´t wait to observe our little herb garden when the plants start to grow!

Disney Magic Class

Our Disney Magic Class loves pancakes! We made them from scratch. We made the dough by mixing all the ingredients like flour, eggs, milk in a bowl, then we heated a pan with butter and made pancakes. For the toppings we used bananas and marmalade to give it some additional flavor and it was done, ready for tasting. Children asked for more pancakes but we made just enough for the whole class to taste.

The Kindergarten Class

In September we waved goodbye to summer and welcomed the new season of autumn. This gave us the perfect reason to learn some new weather and seasonal vocabulary. A fun activity to accompany our vocabulary lessons was creating a mini-shop in the classroom and role-playing clothes shopping for different seasons and types of weather. The children had lots of fun, and learnt not only some new vocabulary, but also number recognition as well as the importance of social etiquette in various situations where we interact with others.

Benjamin Pezinok

Jojka's Class

This month we learned about ourselves, how we are unique and special in so many ways. Children got a paper with a picture of their face and then they tried to paint the rest of their body using big brushes and tempera paint.

For another art project we talked about the importance of friendships and how to be a good friend. Then we used our hands and made colorful handprints which represented our body which we finished with drawing our heads and voila, there was a portrait of our classroom! :)

Dani's Class

In this apple oxidation experiment children used real apples and various liquids we have found around in the preschool to hypothesize and discover why apples turn brown and what prevents apples from browning. There is something in apples called PPO (polyphenol oxidase), which is an enzyme. Enzymes are things that do all the work to make sure cells can live their life. Once you cut into an apple you are opening up some of the cells inside it. The PPO enzyme reacts to the oxygen in the air and starts to turn the apple brown.

Suzy's Kindergarten Class

We love Show and Tell at Benjamin! This year we try to give this activity a new concept. As children are kindergarteners getting ready for school, they get a task regarding each show and tell what to bring. Pictures show last two show and tells when children had to bring: objects (photo, toy, piece of clothing) showing how we have grown. It was cute and interesting to compare the changes: how are faces changed, our feet have grown, our bodies :-). Children loved to see baby pictures of their friends. The other Friday they were asked to bring something that starts with the beginning sound of their name - they had to practice the beginning sounds and be creative at the same time. So far it went well and we see great cooperation of children and their parents.


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